Climate Change Project Summary

This outreach project seeks to connect communities and exchange findings on community-level adaptations to climate risk in Northern and Interior British Columbia.  By bringing together research findings from the community and stakeholder level, we hope to reduce the vulnerability of British Columbia communities to adverse natural and anthropogenic hazards and extreme events, including the potentially devastating impacts of climate change.  The research findings include community narratives of climate change impacts; information needs at the community level; impacts of a changing climate on natural resource livelihoods, including impacts of the mountain pine beetle infestation; gendered impacts of climate change on men and women; and the status of sustainable development plans.

Key Objectives

  • Distribute research-based materials on community-level adaptations to climate change risk so as to improve awareness of natural hazard events in British Columbia.
  • Exchange adaptation approaches in four community regions and facilitate networking at all levels for greater community resilience.
  • Publish research findings and Information, Education, and Communication materials for policy-makers, community leaders, and educators, including audiences outside academia.
  • Reduce risk by improving awareness of and planning for natural hazard events at the small city and rural community level; and
  • Develop a toolkit to address climate change impact, livelihood security, and adaptation strategies for vulnerable populations.

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