Welcome to the Online Toolkit for Community Level Adaptation to Climate Change.

My interest in climate change is profound; I believe climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our times.  My goal is to better understand how individuals and communities are responding to the impacts of climate change at the local level.  The knowledge gained from the research project, “Climate Level Adaptation to Climate Change, Disasters, and Sustainable Development,” has been immense, yet interestingly a clear theme has emerged from the project – communities’ desire for more information on climate change.

The Community Level Adaptation to Climate Change Toolkit seeks to address climate change impact, livelihood security, and adaptation strategies for vulnerable populations in British Columbia by providing an online platform to share valuable information and resources.  The Toolkit includes research project findings; research publications and presentations; web resources on climate change, adaptation, and disaster resilience; and a recommended-reading list.

Climate change is real, and it is impacting individuals, families, and communities in British Columbia.  It is my hope that this online toolkit will connect individuals and communities with tools to increase their knowledge about climate change and adaptation to climate change in order to mitigate climate change effects and reduce disaster risks, especially among vulnerable populations in small cities and rural communities.

Dr. Julie Drolet, Ph.D., MSW
Associate Professor, School of Social Work and Human Service
Thompson Rivers University

In Partnership with:

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Kamloops Women's Resource Group Society